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Posted by Adebayo Opeyemi on November 12, 2011 at 7:45 AM
O you who believe, why do you say that which yo do not? It is most hateful in the sight of God to say that which you do not(Qrn61:2-3) Truthfulness means not only that we should avoid telling lies, but also that we should do our duty honestly and live our life not only for ourselves but also for all those to whom we are obligated for our health,wealth knowledge and progress:that is, we should do our duty to our parents,relations, and, above all, to our community and nation. Truthfulness again means that we should be honest with our employers and carry out the work entrust by them to us as fully as possible, because employment is a kind of contanct. similarly, if we ourselves happen to be employers, we should be honest towards our employees and servants pay them regularly and reward and promote them for good work. Love of truth should also lead us to the fulfilment of promise and contract. Truth, again, means that we should recognize the good in others. We should not see only the evils and defects of other people, but we shoul also recognize their virtues. Truth also means that our outside should not be different from our inside. Hipocricy has been condemned by which Islam just because of this, and hypocricy means that we say things in which we do not believe or we say things which we do not mean to do. It is deciet to try to appear different from what we are realy. The words that we speak should come from our heart. Our speech should be open and frank, so that the other person can rely on ur. Truthfulness also includes the duty of avoiding false testimony, that is, if we are called upon as witness, we should say exactly what we have seen or heard, neither more nor less. Similarly, if we are told to decide a dispute between two persons or we should decide the matter with perfect justice and not according to our likes, or according to our relations with the parties

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